18.01.2019 16:08:29 juliaschaefer hat ein Thema kommentiert Nachstes Projekt: Gartenbereich verschönern...:  Bei mir steht für das Frühjahr auch ein großes Gartenprojekt an. Die Grundbausteine unserer Terasse stehen schon, jetzt fehlen nur noch die passenden Gartenmöbel und ein wenig Deko. Könnt ihr mir sagen, wo ich moderne rustikale Gartenmöbel finde? Einen Sonnenschirm habe ich mir auch schon maßschneidern lassen. Dieser sollte in den nächsten Tagen ankommen und sobald es wieder etwas wärmer wird, kann das Projekt starten! :D 
14.01.2019 17:08:45 sonjam982 hat ein Thema kommentiert Ein Wohnzimmer zum Verweilen:  sieht ziemlich cool aus :)
14.01.2019 17:05:51 sonjam982 hat ein Thema kommentiert Warum Ehemänner sowie Männer in sexuell treuen Zweierbeziehungen impotent werden?:   ein- bis dreimal pro Woche. 
14.01.2019 17:04:31 sonjam982 hat ein Thema kommentiert Warum Ehemänner sowie Männer in sexuell treuen Zweierbeziehungen impotent werden?:   ein- bis dreimal pro Woche. 
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I'm pregnant - now what?

I'm pregnant - now what?
In nature the animal fawn lie with their mother and not the animal father

The following basic information is only in a nutshell, more is not necessary.

The sixth until the ninth month of pregnancy is the time of first mini puberty. In this time you should not swallow feelings, then everything is alright, don’t be resentful, you can definitely explode, go ballistic, be above things no matter what, but don’t drift into things, then the first phase of the sexual development of the child is definitely a success and it will be the same with you.

Homebirth has only benefits compared to the hospital. From home you can get to the emergency room just as quickly, but the emergency does actually not occur regularly.

Homebirth induces less stress and reduces the risk of a c-section dramatically, and the normal hormonal flow of the birth makes the birth a healthy one.

However, from the birth on the mother’s sweat is important - the mother’s sweat contains testosterone. Testosterone is a crucial substance which strengthens the immune system. The carrying and lying in the mother’s bed around the clock has (besides testosterone medication) also the side effect that the child is spared of eventual splay bandages and other matters, you grow with the permanent workout so even a ten year old child can be carried easily, if required.

The more solid the connection to the mother through skin and sweat contact, the smoother children learn to spread their own wings later.

What does a 16-year-old girl say? “I never understood that I, a little girl which was scared, had to sleep alone in her bed while the big strong man was lying in my mother’s bed”.

In nature the animal fawn lie with their mother and not the animal father. Animal fawn which is not in the bed of their mother is considered to be punishable animal torture - with humans, the torturing of babies by denying the mother’s bed is not punishable.

Breastfeed as long as possible, it ceases by itself, between about one and three years, according to the WHO until six years. Weaning leads to a violation of mother and child.

If, for whatever reason, the mother does not produce any milk, then bottle-feeding on naked skin is important, because of the testosterone in sweat, which is transported as a medication through the child’s nose to the brain

Use diapers as long as the child does not press towards using the potty or the toilet. Children are arranging with themselves best when they do not need any more diapers.

Breastfeeding is best, not because of the breast milk, but because of the substantial skin perspiration and warmth, because the sweat means injecting a vaccine through the nose.

As cocaine or snuff tobacco users know best, medications are taken through the nose most efficiently, however this is hard to dose. By using the diversion of pills through the blood-cerebral-barrier they work poorer but can be dosed better.

With perspirations the dosage does not matter but the fact that the maximum is available, thus being in bed with the mother, being carried, also by the father, is a health gas station.

When kids have developmental disorders doctors almost only recognize this when the testicle does not wander into the scrotum, but the ovaries do not wander into no scrotum. No wandering of the testicles into the scrotum is only a sign of developmental disorders and not the development disorder itself and it is not the cause; the doctors prescribe nose spray as a treatment.

The kryptocur spray is a hormonal nose spray and the doctors do not realize that they are trying to make up for the missing sweat of the mother.

Use clothes from the flea market, meaning clothes where the poison is washed out.

Do not use the bottle, only if necessary when no milk  is available - but here you should not give up immediately, just the let the baby eat with you.

Do not use a pacifiers, they are fraud - they imitate the breast but nothing comes out and it is a gag. How is the kid supposed to communicate when it’s older when it has been gagged from infancy on.

When wearing a baby carrier for support it does not matter whether the baby is sitting in front or in the back to see things, no carrying strap religion, not baby sling religion, carrying frame religion.

If strollers and pacifies were necessary we would have been born with it.
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